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A Legacy Genetics is your exclusive source for high quality Ona White Angus and Gyrolondo semen.

The White Angus will soon prove themselves to be the quality and production breed of the future, like the Angus have in all other regions of the world. They have truly proven themselves to be a "stand alone" heat tolerant new breed of Bos Taraus cattle, with a Black Angus genotype.

Let A Legacy Genetics help grow your herd into the future.

Michael W. VieiraALG President and Founder

As the President and Founder of A Legacy Genetics, Michael also manages the herds and is the English speaking contact for semen purchases.

(580) 612-1117


Alejandro PeñaLatin American Sales Manager

Alejandro is the Spanish speaking contact for semen purchases.

+52 1 (33) 1005 9408

alejandro pena