Can Your Breed Withstand
the Heat?

Ours Can...

The Ona White Angus have truly proven themselves to be a “stand alone” heat tolerant new breed of Bos Taraus cattle, with a Black Angus genotype.

Why ALG?

Our desire is to get our exclusive genetics into the hands of every farmer and rancher that we can, no matter the size or the management style of
your herd.

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White Angus Bulls

We are the exclusive supplier for the highly sought after Ona White Angus, a heat resistant strain of Angus developed and tested at the
University of Florida.

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Gyrolondo Bulls

ALG also offers Red Gyrolando bulls from the Ja-Bob/Hellen cow family. This same cow family has produced the world famous red Holstein bull,

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Purchase Semen

We are committed to helping you meet all of your breeding goals.

Contact a sales manager today to purchase semen from ALG.

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“You won’t hear us talk much about single traits, you will however hear us talk about profitability an awful lot, and that starts with a bred cow and live calf.”

ALG President and Founder Michael W. Vieira