About Us

A Legacy Genetics (ALG) was formed as a way to share elite, alternative, profitable, heat resistant, beef and dairy cattle genetics to farmers and ranchers around the world. ALG is the exclusive supplier for the highly sought after, heat resistant, Ona White Angus.

A truly heat resistant strain of Angus that was developed and tested at the University of Florida’s Ona Research and Education Center.

All of the ALG bulls come from deep, proven, cow families, cows that have stood the test of time and proven generation after generation to be profitable. ALG also offers Red Gyrolando bulls from the Ja-Bob/Hellen cow family.

This same cow family has produced the world famous red Holstein bull, Jordan-Red! At ALG we are committed to bringing you the best, most profitable genetics that we possibly can.

Our desire is to get our exclusive genetics into the hands of every farmer and rancher that we can, no matter the size or the management style of your herd. We are committed to helping you meet all of your breeding goals.

See information on our bulls below!

White Angus Bulls


ONA Amante

Ona Amante, 703WA0278, AMANTE ranks above average for heifer pregnancy(HP), Total cow advantage (57%) and carcass weights. AMANTE will make fertile, efficient, moderate framed cows, that will make money for you year after year.



ONA Zeus

Introducing our newest White Angus release, Ona Zeus. Zeus is our calving easy specialist, use Zeus on heifers with confidence. Zeus' genomic also rank him high in daughter fertility and marbling. He has excellent phenotype, and don't forget, University proven heat resistants of the White Angus!



ONA Maximo

Introducing our next heat resistant White Angus Bull, Ona Maximo 703WA0146. Maximo's genomics numbers put him above average in the maternal Cow Advantage Index. He is also above average for carcass weights, while moderating frame at the same time. Use Maximo to make fertile, efficient, moderate framed cows with ample milk. Maximo is 8 points above average for milk.


Gyrolondo Bulls


Vieira CARIOCA Sanson

Alta Sanson Two X Ja-Bob Elayo Heidjo Red-ET VG86. Heidjo is from the famous Helen cow family and has 3 records over 30,000 lbs. A Red Gyrolando bull with both Sansao and Helen in the same pedigree! Carioca is also A/2 A/2



Vieira Sanz TITAN

Sanz X Ja-Bob Spencer Honor-Red VG86 3-11 365 37,800 3.7F 3.5P. Titan is a Grandson of the number 1 Gyr bull of ALL times and out of the famous Ja-Bob Helen, cow family.